8 OBVIOUS Reasons Your MLM / Network Marketing Business FAILED ... (And What You Should DO Next) 

It's NOT your fault

The Network Marketing Business Model is elegant, but ultimately deceptive

So, CONTRARY to your uplines narrative, YOU didn't fail, the industry failed YOU - because you were not given the whole picture LIED TO

This no fluff, no filler book reveals exactly how the MLM Business Model BREAKS at least EIGHT established rules for common sense business success

EIGHT uncomfortable truths which explain the WORLDWIDE 99% failure rate in MLM

(Includes 8 video clips)

  •  The PRIMARY DECEPTION (It's hiding in plain sight)
  •  How the top 1% ACTUALLY make money (Also hiding in plain sight)
  •  Can't say YES to these questions? Never was YOUR business then was it
  • ​ Revealed: WHY it's ABSOLUTELY NOT an even playing field for all
  • ​ Ever heard of FTC vs. Koscot 1975? (Didn't think so)

     Ever heard of FTC vs. Noland 2023? (Didn't think so)
  • ​ WHY your upline wants NEEDS "no previous sales experience" 
  •  (STILL 'evangelical' about MLM? Bookmark this page for when you finally overcome your own Sunk Cost Bias)
P.S.  If you are still on that 'hockey stick' shaped upward tick of enthusiasm for the model, still 'evangelical' about MLM / Network Marketing, not figured it out yet ... please do bookmark this page & return when you finally bump up against the far kerb of your OWN "Sunk Cost Bias"
Finally ... Here's EXACTLY why the MLM Industry failed YOU
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